B’s 10-11 Months

B has been exploring more and getting into tiny spaces, we had to find ingenious ways of baby proofing and blocking off these spaces. However she has been persistent in finding ways in getting back in there. B can crawl very fast especially when the baby gate is open. Further development is that she is now able to stand by herself but not for too long. She likes using the coffee table for support when she is taking little steps.

B had a viral infection with a temperature, we called 111 and was told to take her to see the doctor, I was so glad it turned out to be nothing serious, reassurance from the doctor always helps. As she was ill she didn’t do very much, she lost her appetite, teething didn’t help either because it made her grumpy.

Lesson Learnt

  • Old baby socks and mittens are useful in entertaining babies
  • Pass on unwanted clothes for £5.00 voucher so I can buy more clothes for B
  • Glad I took advantage of the dentist appointments over the past two years