B’s 11-12 Months

This month I returned back to work and to be honest it was quite tough.  There was a lot to get use to and more importantly I do miss my baby when I am away from her.  Frankly I don’t think she misses me anywhere as much as I miss her, although she does get excited when she heats me walking through the door.

As well as returning back to work, both B and I were ill.  Luckily she recovered faster than I did but I have to admit it was a real struggle because she was also teething.

B is taking more steps but she prefers climbing.  We started to tell her off to stop her from climbing high places (sofa arms).  She is becoming more agile and more about her surroundings.

Christmas is one where we made more of an effort this year.  We got a small tree which we decorated, really we need more decorations but we will build on it slowly.  we got her a very small but educational toy, so hopefully she will play with it

Lesson Learnt

  • babies adapt better than adults
  • babies have no fear
  • they know their routine well and they can’t even read the time
  • babies are scared of santa
  • spoons makes the best teething toy