We went to Wagamama’s because my mum couldn’t wait for Nando’s. We decided to share some staters. I tried the ribs and tori kara age.

The pork ribs pork ribs in a korean barbecue sauce with mixed sesame seeds was tender. However, the meat was not well seasoned as I hoped; considering it says Korean barbecue I thought it will have a slight fruitiness in the sauce but it was just sweet.

Tori kara age seasoned crispy chicken pieces served with a spiced sesame and soy sauce. garnished with lime. This was very well done, very crispy on the outside and leaning a little dry in the inside. I was disappointed how bland it was but there is a dip that was on the side but I was not keen on it.

The grilled duck ramen was my main.  The  shredded duck leg had a splashed of citrus ponzu sauce on top of noodles in a light vegetable broth, it was topped with chilli, pea shoots and coriander.  This was my favourite of the lot, the portion came in a good size. The duck was gently seasoned and it was tender, shredded into nice bite size pieces.  I like that there was chilli to give it a slight kick.

Address: Brent Cross Shopping Centre, London NW4 3FP
Telephone: 020 8202 2666
Website: https://www.wagamama.com
Cost: £20.00 pp includes soft drinK

Overall Rating: 5/10