The Dumpling House

My hubby really wanted to try this restaurant, so we went with his family.  We found out that there were were only two people working that lunch and was told that it would have been nice to give a head’s up. It is a small cute restaurant they were able to accomodate us, it took awhile for the dishes to serve, but I loved the simplicity of the dishes.  They did pride themselves on home cooked food

Seafood Dumpling •  this comes in 12 pieces and could be steamed, fried or boiled; we opted for steamed.  It was not quite what we expected but nevertheless it was delicious in perfect bite size pieces for my baby who pretty much ate the whole plate herself.

Korean Beansprouts • I loved this, very well seasoned with a hint of vinegar and a slight kick of heat making very appetising.

Chicken and Mushroom Bun •  I ordered this for my baby, I didn’t expect it to be big but I like the texture of the bun giving it a bit of a bite and the juices from the meat gave the bun a lot of flavour

Crispy Chilli Beef • tangy and not sour with a hint of sweet, it was very crispy and one of my husband and my favourite dishes

Hong Kong Chicken Noodles • the Chicken was fried and serve iceberg lettuce. My husband wasn’t too keen on the fried chicken because it took him a while to it and by then it was a little soggy.  I ate it as soon as it was served so me and B finished it with ease

Address: Ashbourne Parade, Finchley Rd, London NW11 0AD
Telephone: 020 3583 9026