Oliver Maki

I was meeting a friend who is addicted to sushi, after a little googling I stumbled to this restaurant. The website was minimal, fresh and their dishes looked really appealing, so we were quite eager to try the place out.

We were handed an Apple tablet which contain a menu and it came with pictures which was extremely helpful.  We select the dishes and confirm back to the person serving us, who wanted what and how we want it

Salmon Tartar • this was served in the most thoughtful and beautiful way, I was to mix my Salmon Tartar with the breadsticks and eat with it. There was so much texture in the small container, the dish was rich and creamy followed by the crunch of the bread stick.

Bento in the Box • this consisted of Miso Soup which was served a martini cup via a martini shaker.  In a clear muji style clear box containing 4 compartments, the Snow crab maki, 3 Nigiri sat on top and the compartment contained each of the following Salad with Salmon, Issai Maki, Green Salad and Salmon Teriyaki and Fried Rice. The dishes were amazingly presented in each compartment but not all of them were to my liking.  I really did not like the salad with the salmon and massive pine nuts, where is has a dry dusty texture when you bit into it.   My favourite had to be the maki, nigiri and citrusy green salad.

Terrarium Matcha Tiramisu • I wasn’t sure about this dessert, it is a very pretty dish but it just not something I would fancy again.  IIt was served at room temperature I think I would have preferred the dessert to be a little chilled.  I am not sure Matcha makes a good alternative to coffee.

I thoroughly enjoyed their savoury dishes and admired how pretty each dishes where

Address: 33 Dean St, Soho, London W1D 4PW
Telephone: 020 7734 0408
Website: olivermaki.co.uk