Biddulph Grange

We were heading to the Lake District and part of the plan was to come here for a short little break to stretch our legs and have a bit of lunch. I packed a nice small picnic but we had it before we arrived at our distinction. We were warned by the lady that there were many steps and it was advisable to leave our pram at the NT station. We had a light one for holidays and decided to take it with us which we ended folding away.

This a beautiful and large garden, with different inspired gardens, one was Italy, Egypt and China. From what I remember the people who designed it never been to China very much the same as those who made the pavilion in Brighton. We very much enjoyed the Dahlia walk the flowers were blooming beautifully and enjoying the many colours. A place I definitely recommend.

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Address: Grange Rd, Biddulph, Stoke-on-Trent ST8 7SD
Telephone: +441782 517 999