Christmas Dinner at Belgos

It is that time of year again, where we are going to out for our annual Christmas do.  This year we return to Belgos, to be honest I found that it was too hot at the venue to the point it was quite uncomfortable.

What did I have…

Hot Smoked Salmon Pate: I actually had my dish taken away from because I was allergic to an ingredient, I was quite fortunate that I was busy chatting at the time.  The dish came back with no salad but with extra bread.  I quite enjoyed the smokiness of the salmon and it was not too salty, with a slight crunch.

Sirloin Steak and chips: the presentation was sad and we had to send it bad because it was over cooked.  Second was cooked perfect, medium rare and not bloody at all but the chips were great

Belgium Waffles: the lady was looking after me made sure that I had the plate.  The waffle was nice and warm, a little overdone but nice with the cold ice-cream and chopped hazelnuts.

The experience…

It was a busy night for them, I was wondering around the restaurant and to make matters worse I also swapped seats to speak to my colleagues.  Although I highlighted my allergies I was not aware that the dishes I ordered contained the ingredient I was allergic to.  A poor lady was looking for me and my seating so she can make sure I had the correct plates.  Personally I think on my placement card could have highlight that I had to be cautious about certain dishes.  

Address: 50 Earlham St, London, WC2H 9LJ
Telephone: 020 7813 2233