Monkey and Me

Another Thai restaurant located very close to Two Point. The set lunch menus are very similar with starters and mains.

What did I have…

Kanin Pang Na-Gong, chicken and prawn on toast served with homemade sweet chilli sauce. The chicken and prawn paste was spread on slices of baguette and then covered with sesame seed and then deep fried. They were a little more generous and gave three slices but with no garnish.

Chicken Pad Thai, where chicken is cooked with thin rice noodle, egg, chive leaf, carrot, beansprout, peanut. The portions was generous, the noodles where stir fried in a sweet but tangy sauce, and not greasy, really hit the spot

Address: 114-115 Crawford St, Marylebone, London W1H 2JQ

Telephone: 020 7486 0400