There is a surprising amount of sushi places including chains in Kensington, we want to try something a little different and decided to pop in here. I have to say we thoroughly enjoyed their mocktails.

What did I have..

Soft Shell Crab, it was deep fried and extremely well seasoned but it was not cut up evenly.

Gyoza, filled with mince chicken and vegetables served with a spicy gyoza sauce. This was juicy and well seasoned, there was no need to use the sauce that came with the dumplings.

Chirashi Don, with mixed raw fish on a bed of sushi rice. To be honest this was looking a bit sad, I expected it to look more colourful and would have a little more fish.

Address: 68 Old Brompton Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 3LQ

Telephone: 020 7225 0505