Fitzrovia Tombo Japanese Café & Matcha Bar

We thought that this will be a nice place to take my daughter. We loved the decor which it is cute and there were a number of plushies dashed around the cafe.

What did we have..

Gudetama Udon: noodle soup with Gudetama poached egg, covered with an inari tofu blanket, served with a sprinkle of tempura crumbs and wakame seaweed. This is a nice light meal for my daughter.

Pom Pom Purin Curry: rice shaped in to Pom Pom with homemade curry sauce and vegetables in dog bone shapes. I decided to order a side of katsu chicken to add a little more substance, the portion was quite small.

Kyoto Kaisen: a dish of Salmon and tuna sashimi with citrus ponzu, avocado and crispy shallots served on a bed of rice. I loved the dressing, it had a mild tang, there was a lot of texture with this dish.

Hello Kitty Banana Split: a Matcha soft serve topped with profiteroles, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, choco stick all topped with rainbow sprinkles and Hello Kitty chocolate. Unfortunately they didn’t have matcha ice-cream on the day but was offered an alternative. It was fun for my daughter but we did find the profiteroles were a little frozen.

Kerropi’s Pond: a light fluffy matcha tiramisu with a sprinkle of oreo cookie crumbs and a Kerropi chocolate.

Address: 4 Windmill St, W1T 2HZ

Telephone: 020 3205 0001