Birth story

A few days before I was due I was told that I may have a natural delivery, with the possibility of being induced or a C-Section. I decided to pack as if I was going for bth, I didn’t expect that I would remember everything but my hubby could pick up anything I have left out. As we approach the due date my baby was still sitting very comfortably and the doctor advised that I should book to be induce a week before the norm. The emphasised that although we are going for natural birth, one in four birth can result in a C-Section

On he day of the induction they inserted a tampon like object in me and then we had to wait 24 hours to do it’s magic. i had a cervical sweep once the tampon object was removed, I was next in line to go to the labour ward depending on the urgency of the other cases.

I went to the labour ward just over a day of waiting. They prepped me, the doctors came in to explain that the process will be long. Everyone told me to be open minded regarding pain relief, i was just planning on gas and air. Next lot of doctors came in half an hour later and explained I should keep my bladder empty to avoid damage. After passing water I was lying on the bed for half hour and I wanted to go again,I cche pain was not as bad, so I asked if I could remain standing. After a little while I felt like pushing, my midwife told me to get back onto the bed, turnout I was crowning, by the time my hubby pressed the buzzer for assistance I gave birth. I managed to take a glimpse of my placenta which looked a big as my baby. Active labour and birth took a total of 1 hour and 40 Minutes. I was giving my daughter skin to skin and that was when I found out the pain was in the actual stitching and not the birth.

I passed out after stitches and I don’t remember a thing, my hubby the emergency buzzer was pressed and all the doctors came rushing in. no one told me what was happening at the time just kept asking how was i feeling. Doctors was not sure what caused it, but it could have been a combination of blood loss, gas and air or possible reaction. I was given a blood transfusion and had to remain in hospital so they could monitor me. Doctors came to check on me some I recognise and some I don’t, there were loads in the labour ward. As time progressed and further test I was advised I needed another blood transfusion in which I took. Once they were satisfied with the results of further tests I was able to go home. I was nine days since i was first admitted.

Lesson Learnt

  • Induction triggers of this thing called show and it looked like dried up blood
  • Nothing goes according to plan but I had to make the most of it
  • No one liked taking blood from me, I ended up with very bruised arms because my veins were not showing
  • My doctors and midwives did a fantastic job looking after me despite the staff shortages and dealing with the overflow from other hospitals