B’s 01-02 Months

B has gradually started to making noise which progressed to cooing and grabbing things near to her. One of her favourite things is her bib

We tried to place B on the bouncer but she was rather tiny so we thought we leave it for a couple more weeks. Towards the end of the month B was sitting better but we didn’t leave her too long in that position.

B threw up large quantities of milk, I got worried and hubby suggested calling 111. They advised that as it is not with every feed, she didn’t lose weight or have a rash there is nothing they could do. I had to monitor it and mention it to our GP in the coming appointment. During period I had to give her more frequent feeds.

Lesson Learnt

  • Cut Baby finger nails when they are sleeping, even then it is tricky.  Too me over a month before I had the guts to do it, lucky my sister was very good at it
  • When B has a bunged up nose, use a towel to tilt the mattress to her breathe more easily
  • B doesn’t like swaddling and likes having her arms out