B’s 02-03 Months

This month we decided to start tummy time with B, she didn’t last for very long and rather run her fave on the cover. Gradually she started to stay longer on her tummy.

B had her first of injections this month, it was recommended that she took calpol before he jabs. She was very drowsy on the first day but after that she was extremely fussy and it was very difficult to settle her. It took also most three weeks to get her back to her routine, which was rather disappointing because her next lot of injections were coming up.

I went out with for the first time, I was extremely nervous, my changin bag was enormous. I felt like we were moving house even thought we were just going for lunch.

Towards the end of the month we noticed by baby was drooling and blushed we thought she was teething and it became more evident when she started to bit her fist.

Lesson Learnt

  • Remember to take spare clothing for myself
  • keep a baby hat in my handbag because we keep forgetting it
  • take a moulin cloth because the brawl when they have thir injections