B’s 03-04 Months

B is a lot more active his month, she has been reaching for things and holding them for longer. As she has tiny hand she is still not able to play with her rattle, I made a temporary one so so can play with something in the mean time. Basically it was a blind packaging and I put some buttons inside so it will make noises. B seems to like it more than her fluffy rattle.

Now that B has started to teeth with thought it would be a good time to put her on the bottle. This was rather challenging an took many attempts. B would take a sip each from my hubby or my mum when they offered the bottle, jet enough to keep her going as time progress she would refuse the bottle. After a few attempts I managed to coax her by placing a drop on her upper lip and her tongue. It took a while but we managed to get her on the bottle. Each time we used this method and each time it got easier.

B has improved when we put her on tummy time, she was able to play and hold her her head up for a while longer, she has started to push with her legs but was struggling. B has been trying to roll over, each time she was improving.


Lesson Learnt

  • babies grows and picked up things very quickly
  • baby books are good guides but the time frame in which you apply is determined by you and the baby. ¬†After attempting to get B to selfsleep I decided to give up
  • formula makes B’s output smell stronger