B’s 04-05 Months

B just had her final injection. She was fine on the first night but the second night she woke up screaming. I managed to settle her but it happened again. We decided to call 111 because this didn’t happen prior to the injections. The operator took our details and went through some checks, she later informed us that an out of hours doctor will contact us within 12 hours. I was shocked when I first heard it fortunately we had a call back in 5 minutes. She asked us more questions and to do more checks, they concluded that it might be the effects if the injections or colic. B started to coo and giggle so we felt better, this is a wonderful service for first time parents.

Few days later B’s skin started to flare up and it went red and blotchy. We booked an appointment with the GP and was told that she had dry skin and classed it as eczema. We prescribed an ointment and shampoo but B reacted badly to it and her skin became more inflamed. Both my hubby and I were not happy with the prescription and wanted to try something more natural so we tried a selection from Neal’s Yard and Estelle and Thild. Slowly her skin started to improve and with the follow up appointment it was reassuring that she was getting better with more natural creams

B is turning more quickly now and we decided to get her play mats so she has more space to play. She is now trying to roll from her tunny to her back.

Lesson Learnt

  • 111 is a fantastic service
  • finding the right cream is trail and error
  • We don’t get extra sleep even though B stopped late night feeding.  We still wake up because of her teething