B’s 06-07 Months

B has started to sit up but she is too fascinated with her toes, with a tendency to take her socks off so we keep losing them. She likes rolling around like a ball by hold her legs. Having said that B is rolling faster on some occasion she does a double roll at one time so we need to keep an eye on her at all times or keep her in the cot if we are not facing her. She is getting stronger and developing more movements like pushing with her legs and using her arms to pull herself up, and she also likes jumping up and down on my lap.

We have been taken B out and about whenever we could. On nice sunny days we would take her to the park or gardens and why the weather was crap we would take her to a shopping centre. She is currently looking and exploring everything, this helps us break up the day a bit and with the excitment, it does make her tired. We have been exploring the option of play groups somB can interact with other babies when it gets cooler.

Teething is still a pain, she wakes up screaming and then falls back to sleep. She has been drooling a lot more. And sticking fingers in her mouth more often. Sophie the gairaffe does really take her fancy, she normally goes for her fingers or bib. We considered giving her calpol but she hates it more than her injections so we only administered it once.

We started to ween B with congee including different vegetable for flavour. She is a very messy eater. Matter two weeks we had to revert back to milk because teething was really hurting her and she didn’t take on weening but she would have milk.

Lesson Learnt

  • the consistency of her food is important because she thinks before she eats
  • we can not take our eye off B because she grabs everything.