B’s 09-10 Months

B has become very cheeky and more playful. Whenever she has an opportunity she will crawl and climb the furniture.

The cycle of teething has started again and it seems worse, she is simply biting everything. She is not eating as much so we started to give her more fruits to snack till her next meal.

Her sleeping habits are all over the place and we are not sure if it is her teething or her napping pattern is changing.

We have been trying to introduce her to books. She is very good at opening and closing the but she doesn’t have the patience to listen to the stories.

We have taken B to more places so she can experience and see more things.  I know she won’t remember but it is still nice to take her to farms and parks while it is still warm. I really don’t want her just to know the city life as there is so much more out there.

Lesson learnt

  • It feels like she is growing quickly and her hand and feet are no longer as small as they use to be.  Hubby and I decided to make little imprints as a momento.  We will probably do it again when she is two.
  • b has accumulated a lot of clothes that doesn’t fit her anymore, in line with the above I decided to keep a couple of pieces to remind me of her size.