My office Christmas party this year was at Belgos, I use to like going there back in the uni days but it has been years since I have last been. The Christmas menu consist of three course in which we had to order in advance. Assigned sitting was arranged once we arrived at the restaurant, they have bench arrangements which I have never even keen on.

Mixed Cured Meat • This came with two to three different cured meat, chicken liver pate, pickles, olive and bread. Unfortunately the bread was very chew and rather disappointing but I did love the chicken pate and the pickle wasn’t too tart and compliment the dish well

Steak and Frites • This was served with rocket and peppercorn sauce, the steak was medium to well done.    It was  slight pink, tender and still juicy and fries are always great at Belgo.

Fruit Crumble •  I found that this was a little dry and not much fruits was in there, the ice cream helped a lot

Address: 50 Earlham St, London, WC2H 9LJ
Telephone: 020 7813 2233