Glamorous Chinese Restaurant

I wouldn’t quite call the restaurant Glamorous but very traditional. I was extremely excited when I saw the dim sum cart, I mean I only ever seen them in HK.  The staff promotes a lot of their food, it makes me think they are on commission the way they are selling it.

Dim Sum • There is a large variety and all of which were very delicious, but you had to get from the dim sum cart and others you have to place an order for.  To be honest it can get rather confusing.  I would have preferred it if they had one system and we just get everything stamped.

Roast Pork Belly• This was one of the best I have tasted in a while, it was tender and not very fatty, the cracking was extremely crisp.  We enjoyed it so much we ordered a second portion

Address: 1st & 2nd Floor, Wing Yip Business Centre Cassidy Close, Manchester, M4 5HU
Telephone: 0161 839 3312