Jin Go Gae

Hubby decided to try out this restaurant because he heard that it was authentic. I really enjoyed my time there, I loved how it was compartmentalised into small sections. I liked that the cutlery was in a box making it easily accessible.  This is a very baby and children friendly with all the facilities and relatively spacious.

Jap Chae • Thin glass vermicelli pan fried with mixed vegetables with beef, I personally wasn’t too fond of peppers, I prefer when they use black fungus

Seafood Pancake • Korean seafood pancake with spring onions crab stick and squid was delicious. A little crispy on the outside with lots of filling inside

Kan Poon-gi • Deep fried chicken with chilli in sweet & sour sauce, is nice with a light kick.

Bokum udon • Stir fried udon with beef, mixed seafood & veg, this was my hubby’s main and I was too full to try it

Yuk-Whe Bibimbap • Thin strips of beef sashimi with rice in hot stone bowl, seasoned veg and fresh egg yolk.  The beef itself was actually frozen but cooked slowly against the heat of the stone pot.  I alway love a bibimbap when I go to a korean restaurant

Address: 270-272 Burlington Rd, New Malden, KT3 4NL
Telephone:020 8949 2506
Website: https://jingogae.wordpress.com