This is becoming one of our go to places when we want a big hearty meal. Excellent for the colder weathers when you want something with substances

What did I have…

Alkis Special: this pretty much have everything, lamb chops, lamb ribs, chicken dice and shredded, chicken wings, rice and bread. They never disappoint, it takes a while for this be prepared but we always have nice selections of dips and bread while we wait.

Falafel: they came inform of long rolls and served with hummus, they are a little dry but very well seasoned with a boom of flavours when you bite into it

Calamari; this was a complimentary dish from the restaurant and it was lovely and crisp on the outside but the calamari remaining soft and tender

Address: 2/3 holmstall parade, London HA8 5HX
Telephone: 020 8205 7157