Westfield Ichiba

This is the second time we have been to the Japanese Food Court and we really like it but seating is quite restrictive. We didn’t want to sit near to the outer door because you can really feel the wind chill when the doors open. We very much prefer the seating near the booths or closer to the main shopping centre

What did we have…

Kotteri Tonkotsu, which is a richer, thicker, meatier broth with double nitamago egg. I found it was a little too oily for me but it was a lot richer and thicker. I loved the flavour and it was hearty and fulfilling.

The Naked Pork Katsu, with Pork Katsu, cabbage, broccoli, lemon, tomato, sesame, egg, tonkatsu brown sauce and mustard. This was warm but tasty, coating was crispy and the pork was still juicy.

Seafood . This time it taste very much like an omelette, the one I had last time was better.

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