Bang Bang

Last time we went to Bang Bang, it was rather depressing. My chicken rice was literally just that, not even a lettuce to garnish plus we were were still hungry afterwards. My brother in law wanted to try again do we gave it a try.

What did we have…

Cha Time

Classic Bubble Tea: I was given of different toppings and how sweet. I opted for less sugar and the classic black pearls with no ice. This was perfect, the tea was fragrant and it wasn’t too sweet and I thoroughly enjoyed chewing on the pearls.

Janchi Korean Kitchen

Chicken Bibimbap and Beef Bibimbap is boiled rice with marinated seasonal vegetables and the desired meat; served with a fried egg and homemade chilli paste: This really hit the spot on a cold and wintery day. The dish was hot, there was lots of rice and vegetables, it was fantastic and very satisfying. Loved the rice right at the bottom where it is nice and crispy because of the stone bowl.

Plain K-style Fried Chicken is twice fried chicken so it is crunchier and less greasy, served with radish pickles: this was delicious, exceptionally crispy, it doesn’t feel greasy the chicken was still tender and juicy with a hint of garlic. Loved this!

Yangnyeom chicken (Seasoned K-style Fried Chicken) is twice fried chicken in a homemade Korean sweet chilli sauce: Despite the sauce it still remained crisp but it does pack in quite a kick.

Japchae, stir fried glass noodles with vegetables, seasoned with soy sauce and sesame oil: this is a very flavoursome dish, I love how the noodles have a bit of bite and not soft and clumpy as some of the others.

Cafe de Viet

Chicken Pho: my daughter really like the chicken with flat rice noodles. A lovely winter warmer

Address: 399 Edgware Rd, London NW9 0FH
Telephone: 020 8205 8333