Friends meet up in a vet convenient place, it does get quite busy

What did I have…

Tuigim, with a choice of lightly battered calamari, tofu or vegetables. We opted for the calamari, not really crisp but it was served with a drizzle of spicy, sweet and sour sauce.

Mandu, pan-fried Korean dumplings served with a light soy dipping sauce, we opted for chicken. Well season juicy dumpling, no real need for flavour it anymore.

Eel Dolsot Bibimbap, a hearty mixture of sticky rice, vegetables, red chilli paste and sesame oil served sizzling hot in a stone pot. This particular Dolsot Bibimbap do not come with egg, I love egg with my Dolsot Bibimbap but I guess it would be strange with the eel. I love the sauce that some with the Eel

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