Two Point

A lovely family run Thai restaurant, cosy and beautifully decorated.

What did I have…

Kanin Pang Na-Gong, chicken and prawn on toast served with homemade sweet chilli sauce. The chicken and prawn paste was spread on two slices of baguette and then covered with sesame seeds. The toast was then deep fried, it wasn’t too greasy.

Prawn Thai green curry with coconut milk, chillies, bamboo shoot, courgette and pepper. This included four large prawns in a bowl, there was a hint of sweetness as well as a kick in the coconut fragrant dish. Served with a bowl of rice making it very hearty on a rainy day.

Address: 31 Paddington St, Marylebone, London W1U 4HD

Telephone: 020 3019 6566