B’s 05-06 Months

B has started to wriggle and crawl during her sleeping, leaving her blanket behind so we decided to invest in some sleep bags. They were the best investments ever, I had a look at mother care and m&s and we loved the M&S ones because they were cheaper and they were made from a jersey material.

It had been difficult getting B to sleep during the day, she is an extremely light sleeper and when she wakes up its really hard getting her back to sleep again. I was advised that it might be teething which is probably true she has been drooling a lot lately.

She is getting more and more agile with her hands, playing with her blankets and toys. It is fun watching her and amazing what she is doing. Although it has been a month we have expanded her play area which meant we got extra mats so she could roll around easily. Having said that her current focus is now mainly her toes

Lesson learnt

  • B likes using her teething toy as a rattle, she loves nothing better than her fingers and bibs
  • now b is teething badly she is more prone to nappy rash and she has been pooping a hell of a lot more