Alexandra Palace: Street Food & Craft Beer Festival

Last weekend I spent a lovely time with the family having a nice picnic at Alexandra Palace. Not only was it lovely and sunny there was the Alexandra Palace Street Food & Craft Beer Festival and indoors they had a tattoo convention

The terrace had stalls on the outskirts and there were security in a couple of entry points checking bags.  There were quite a few places selling burgers and beer, other savoury places that stood out included paella and bao.

My family brought food so we decided to target sweet, dessert food stalls.  We ended up sharing churro and ice-cream.  The churro came 6 in a box and we ordered 2, the lady gave us an option of dips we worked out a lot cheaper than having a churro filled.  Flavours of ice-cream were a bit limited but it sure did feel refreshing during a hot day

Address: Alexandra Palace Terrace, Alexandra Palace Way, London N22 7AY
Telephone: +44 (0)20 8365 2121