Bone Daddies

It was cold and wet, a perfect day for some nice comfort food. As I have never tried Bone Daddies this was great opportunity to try it, and it is conveniently situated above whole foods near High St Kensington Station.

What I had..

Crab Tonkotsu in a “pork & crab broth served with charred pork belly, soft shell crab, chilli, kale & black sesame” • I liked how the soup was served just below the noodles with the charred belly pork placed on top of the noodles and the followed by the soft shelled crab. This way the crab remains crisp and very much visible. I found the soup base was thick, rich in an almost creamy texture but it was a little on the salty side for me. I had to whip out one of their bibs to prevent it from slashing on to my top when I was pulling on the noodles.

Address: First Floor Whole Foods Supermarket, 63-97 Kensington High Street London W8 5SE
Telephone: +44 7368 4575