Master Bao

A new placed opened at Westfield and we thought we give it a try. As we we waiting we were enjoying looking at the menu and the story of a family who made Bao. The design is amazing, even my mum commented, “this is how vintage newspapers use to look”.

We went a couple of days after they opened, we were advised when queuing that the rice and noodle dishes were not available and nor were their bubble tea. I really wanted bubble tea and my daughter their noodles, but that aside we had their meal deal consisting two bao and a side for £12.00.

So what did we have…

Chicken Bao, fried chicken which has been marinated for 24 hours, served with wasabi mayo, house kimchi and coriander. The chicken was amazing crispy and well seasoned with the sauce, it gave an intense burst of flavour between the soft fluffy bao.

Prawn Bao, fried prawn which has been marinated beer. served with pickled mooli and spiced spring onions. This was fried in a lighter batter but still crisp, the spicy spring onions definitely had quite a kick, mooli slices sat comfortably at the bottom. The hot and sour flavours are merge together causing a wonderful delight.

Beef Brisket Bao, braised beef brisket, pickled mooli wasabi slaw, coriander. Hubby loved it.

Mr Bao, slow braised pork, house pickles, roasted nuts and coriander. This reminded me of dong bor yuk, again there are intense flavours at play.

Fried Chicken, this taste very much the same as the ones in the bao, extremely crispy and full of flavour

Ginger and Garlic Edamame, were blanched and had a ginger and garlic sauce drizzled on top.

Sweet Potato Fries, I thought they will be regular sweet potato fries but I think they have be tossed in flour and the batter giving them an extra crisp.

Hopefully next we get to try Dan Dan noodles and bubble tea

Address: The Balcony, Ariel Way, London W12 7GE